Dream: USC Housing

Now that the stress of the school year has been lifted, I’ve been having more dreams at night. Here’s one I had a few days ago, while I was still at school.

Janice, Theo, and I were sitting around a small table. A mail courier carrying a bag of envelopes came up to us, handed us each one from USC Housing, and then left. We each opened our own envelope to find a bundle of several papers, including a notecard with three checkboxes. The boxes were arranged horizontally, and were labeled A, B, and C. Somehow, I knew that “A” meant we got a spot in Marks Hall. I didn’t know about the others. I looked at my card, and saw that the “B” box had a figure-eight scribbled on it, as if the marker had intended to draw an X. I looked over at Janice. Hers said “A”. Theo’s, “C”. I looked at mine again. Now it said “C”. I was very confused: how could it have changed? Maybe I just looked at it wrongly the first time.

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