China shoots down satellite

This is really interesting and a little scary. I’ll link to some stories since I don’t have any firsthand new info on this. I do think it important to learn Chinese, though, but I don’t think I’ll actually get the motivation and opportunity to actually do it.

China’s satellite-killer, Chinese debris. Basically, China shot down a defunct Chinese weather satellite, making them the third country ever to shoot down anything in space (after the U.S. and Russia).

And an unrelated story about China’s growth: China soon to be world’s biggest Internet user, and this despite sticking to the one-child policy. I guess things would be insane without it.

2 Responses to “China shoots down satellite”

  1. matt says:

    China is the third country in the world to do this. I believe the US and Russia were the first two.

  2. paul says:

    why should we be surprised? the chinese have just been sitting, waiting and taking all of our economy because of our so-called globalization geniuses. eventually, while we are preoccupied with some no win situation like iraq or in a few years somalia they will launch their own offensive and due to the integration of our economies we will be unable to respond.

    we have lost this war already. blame it on all the billionaires who’ve made their fortunes trading American jobs for cheap Chinese labor.

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