CSTV’s Battle of the Blogs

I just read some interesting stuff which was written before the Rose Bowl game. For pre-game hype, it’s really intriguing. It’s CSTV’s Battle of the Blogs, where they have a daily question and call in a blogger from each side (Michigan and USC) to write a response.

It’s good to see blogs going mainstream.

Day 1’s question was What makes your school’s fan base so special? Kyle Bunch of TrojanWire wrote USC’s answer, which is so silly that I enjoyed reading it.

Well for starters, we’re filthy rich. Just loaded. The kind of wealth typically reserved for Ivy League schools with wimpy football programs. It’s just ridiculous. You should see the solid gold urinals and toilets in the dorms.

[…]While we’re talking about our celebrity alumni and top-shelf Hollywood talent, I should also mention our school TV ad. You know the ones, every school has one, they get one complementary airing of it on any TV broadcast. They’re usually something produced by the school’s film school, or A/V club when a full film school is absent. (I remember one particularly embarrassing ad, for the University of Oklahoma, which closed with a shot of a uniformed football player holding a ballerina on stage at the school’s performing arts theatre.) Thanks to the magic of USC’s top-ranked Film School (with maybe a little help from Industrial Light & Magic), ours looks like the trailer for a hundred-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster. The music is dramatic, the CGI effects are first-rate, and the stars (Lucas, John Wayne, Neil Armstrong, Paul Williams, Marilyn Horne) are A-list all the way. It’s a glorious vision.

But don’t let our extreme wealth, amazing good looks, and high production values trick you into thinking we haven’t endured our fair share of character-building hardship. Did you ever watch USC football during the Paul Hackett era? Well I was there brother, and let me tell you, it was fugly. We’re talking Willingham at Notre Dame fug here folks.

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