ThinkPad Failed to Resume from Standby

I have a new Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad Z61t. I close the lid often when done working, to put the system into standby (suspend) or sleep mode. Recently, the ThinkPad was failing to resume from standby. Instead, I’d just get a blank desktop.

Although the wireless utility would pop-up with the Fn key combo, nothing else worked, not even Ctrl+Alt+Del. So I had to force the computer to turn off by holding down the power button.

I spent a few hours experimenting with the cause, almost resorting to an R&R (Rescue and Recovery) restore from backup. The ThinkPad would work when I disabled all startup items using msconfig, so the problem was caused by a startup item, not a operating system configuration.

I also installed SpyBot, on recommendation of a friend, to try out its startup utility. I ended up not using it because it showed a lot of startup options (more detail than I need), and I would have to check them off and test it individually (there’s no way to automate the process, which is what I was hoping for).

Eventually, I decided to check the ones I thought were okay (in msconfig). That didn’t work. So I did the opposite, and checked the ones I didn’t know.

For the ones I did know, I typed in the paths manually, into the Run box, and then did a sleep/resume after each one. Eventually, I found that the problem was Symantec Client Security (specifically, ccApp.exe).

Dang! Symantec sucks! Uninstalling it seems to have fixed things, so I’ll keep it that way. It’s weird, though: this was pre-installed software, and it was working fine for a couple weeks. Maybe a recent update broke it.
So now I’m on the Windows Firewall, and I’m trying out AOL Active Virus Shield. Seems pretty cool so far! Originally, when I tried getting it for my grandpa’s computer, it took a super long time to send the activation code, so I gave up. Today, though, it was almost instantaneous.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Have the same problem on my z61p and spent hours now! Haven’t tried uninstalling Symantec but found that when switching wireless off, it wakes from sleep, so probably it worked until I started using wireless as I didn’t in the beginning.

    If it’s actually symantec, it will be gone in 10 minutes, thanks.

  2. Walter says:

    Thomas, thanks for the tip. Turning off my wireless works!

  3. Alex says:

    Got the same problem on T60p..
    Thanks for the tips..

    I’m also trying to update the system to see if any patches will help..

  4. Arthur says:

    Same deal… just got a T60 and the same thing happens. Never had a problem like this with any other computer, using the same Symantec offered by my school.

    I can’t uninstall it now (can’t install/uninstall anything until finals are over).

    Anyone find a solution other than uninstalling Symantec? Has uninstalling it worked so far?

    And thanks for the info! Saved me hours!

  5. Elliot Lee says:

    Thomas, above, found that “when switching wireless off, it wakes from sleep.” You could try that, Arthur. Yes, uninstalling it worked for me.

  6. Hey Elliot, i am seeing the exact same thing on my t60p and the two t60’s i just bought (vista factory new).
    i have not yet tried the “turn wireless off” trick to see if that helps. will try the next time it happens.

    thanks for your post…i couldn’t find any mention of this on the thinkpad support site…


  7. Ohlala says:

    i also have t60, i already put the wireless to off, but still it doesn’t wake up, i uninstalled the norton internet security 2007 (installed by default), but i installed symantec anti virus corporate edition 10.2, haven’t tried uninstalled that though.. is there any other choice? patch perphaps?

  8. Jay says:

    Exact same problem. Turning off wireless radio did not help. Turning off Symantec did the trick. What a shame that it used to work and something has broken it. Thanks for posting the issue.

  9. demo says:

    Hope it helps. it is tested on T60/s with 1952 CTO type.

    Click Start, point to Settings, point to Control Panel, and then click System.
    2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
    3. Double-click to expand the Computer branch. Note the type of support that you currently have.
    4. Double-click the computer type that is listed under the Computer branch, click the Drivers tab, click Update Driver, and then click Next.
    5. Click Display a list of known drivers for this device, and then click Show all hardware of this device class.
    6. Click ACPI Multiprocessor PC, click Next, and then click Finish.
    reboot system.after this the pointing device is not funtional.

    7.Intall the driver (IBMv7.5.exe–about the touchpad )
    8.go in the installed folder and install the extracted driver reboot and all ok
    everyting is working.

  10. troy says:

    This information was really helpful. I can’t wait for more of your postings. Thank you so much

  11. James says:

    Thanks for your post Elliot!

    I disabled Symantec (removed from Startup and disabled services) on my T60p and my laptop will now resume just fine from standby and hibernate.

    I have installed a free firewall (NetVeda Safety.Net 3.80.0001) to take Symantec’s place and very pleased so far. You can get it at ( or (

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