Work for the US Patent Office

I was reading about Jacob and Joseph, which brought me to reading about Jews, which brought me to Albert Einstein, which brought me to the subject of Patent Offices, which brought me to the US Patent and Trademark Office, which brought me to looking at what jobs they offer.

Wouldn’t it be cool to work at the USPTO? It’s in Virginia, but it does look like they have paid summer positions for students, including training and stuff. If I don’t have anything to do in the summer, I would do it, even if it means living out there by myself. I think I could manage, though it would probably cost all of the money I’d make. It might be worth it for the experience.

How cool would it be to say that you worked at the US Patent Office for the summer?

See what Wikipedia does to you?

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  1. Sam Park says:

    Looks like there are only internship opportunities for law students.

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