Add Filmstrip View to a Folder

In Windows XP, there’s a Filmstrip view which I find to be very handy for viewing lots of photos or images at once. However, it isn’t always available. Sometimes, the option just doesn’t appear. This is because Windows, by default, will only allow certain folders designated as being for pictures to use this mode. Here’s how to enable it for any folder.


First, click View -> Customize This Folder


Then, in the Customize tab, choose either Pictures or Photo Album. Click OK, and you should now have the Filmstrip view available.

Now, the reason I was doing this was because I was looking at screenshots of my own computer, compiled over the last couple weeks by Teslain KidLogger. Using this program was a very eye-opening experience for me; it runs stealthily, but records all activity on the computer. That means no matter how secure your passwords or websites might be, it’s still very, very easy for someone with physical access to the computer to steal your credit card info, passwords, etc. Scary stuff! More on keyloggers later.

4 Responses to “Add Filmstrip View to a Folder”

  1. Joe says:

    I added the filmstrip like you said. But when I try to activate it it does not work. I start by opening the pisture folder and choose Filmstrip from the view menu. It not only does not work, but freezes up andI have to end the program.
    Any thoughts?

  2. Mike says:

    This worked for me. I had created a new folder in my Digital Photos file and the filmstrip option wasn’t coming up for a new folder.
    Your suggestion worked.


  3. Virginia Maul says:

    I added the filmstrip, but it doesn’t work. Instead of having the pictures across the bottom and the big picture in the middle of the window, it shows the strip of pictures at the top and and big blank white space where the big picture should be. Any ideas?

  4. Gary says:

    Thank you Elliot, this worked a treat. XP Home.

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