Spammers are crafty, but silly too

I’ve been struck by the stupidity of the spam I’m seeing. I see tons and tons of spam everyday, from comments on my blog, to posts on Google Community, to your typical email spam. The spam that’s hitting forums today includes plenty of your typical trashy, obvious spam. But buried deeply I find lots of other tricks spammers are trying to pull, especially ones who try to pass off as real users. Yes, they’re not using an automated bot, but they are posting self-promotional topics where it’s not allowed. Here are a few examples for your amusement. I’ve seen better and worse.

Isn’t there a second chance for Webmasters? Google earns money with these people, or not?


Notice that this person actually types a real post, although it’s 100% questions with not a single statement in it. The underscores and URL, however, are not his signature. They’re actually appended to his message, so even if I deleted their signature or the viewer didn’t want to view it, his link would still be there. Unfortunately for him, that’s exactly what got his message deleted. No mercy for this junk.

Hey Guys,
Here is another useful link for all of you.Hope this will help… [URL] Thanks..

My analysis of this one will be brief. Lots of the spam posts now try to frame themselves as helpful comments. They hide their own links somewhere inside the message. Luckily, I filter out anything with a URL tag, and that ensures all of this sort of dirt gets deleted.

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One of the biggest mistakes of spammers (and one that really gets on my nerves) his their terrible English. I understand that people in third-world countries are trying to get ahead in life, but self-promotion in my forum is not the way to do it. Don’t put links to your own sites in your posts. Your crud will definitely be noticed and vaporized along with thousands and thousands of others.

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