Little features make a big difference

I was using iTunes just now, and I wanted to locate the audio file for a podcast on my computer. So I right-clicked its row and selected “Get Info.” That brings up a window which has the path of the song, but this field is not left-click selectable. (I use iTunes I was afraid I might have to resort to typing the path in the Windows “Run” box, but fortunately I tried right-clicking the area. To my surprise, this context menu appeared, and it was as if it had read my mind!


I was expecting that maybe I could copy the path, and then I’d open up the folder myself. Not so! The menu not only has “Copy Path”, which is what I thought I wanted, but it also has “Show in Windows Explorer”, which is what I really wanted to do. Good job, Apple.

4 Responses to “Little features make a big difference”

  1. Ryan Rampersad says:

    iTunes is great. I’ve always used Show in WExplorer, but I’ve never seen Copy Path.

    I just wish, they would make the interface all iTunes, and no windows xp.
    (I’ve seen those windows blue bars on info screens, and it bothers me.)

  2. Tom says:

    You can also select Show Song File or something like that when you right click in the list view of your library or albums.

  3. Rajesh says:

    Can anyone say how much Windows 7 cost?

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