New Facebook Email Notifications

On April 5, 2007, Facebook started sending emails notifying users that [somebody] has sent you a message on Facebook… The email also includes a link to change your preferences with regards to email notifications: Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook? Go to:

23 Responses to “New Facebook Email Notifications”

  1. Tracy Moffett says:

    Please do not send facebook notices to my email address

  2. Elliot Lee says:

    Tracy, you can stop Facebook notices by email under account -> Notifications.

  3. kassie says:

    how do i get face book to stop sending things to my mail !

  4. Shannon-Lee Sumpton says:

    Hi Kindly do not send me any further notices and e-mails to my e-mail address?

  5. stop sending e mails to me regarding facebook

  6. silvia morbidelli says:

    interrompere le notifiche sulla mia e mail grazie

  7. shahram razavisalmasi says:


  8. sara says:

    please stop sending me e-mails about facebook! about 2 years ago i tried setting up an account with you but was having problems!! so never bothered since so i have no account with you. no more e-mails please thanks

  9. charles byers says:

    please no more e-mails from facebook………..its drivin me crazy

  10. zu says:

    can u stop sending my facebook notice to my email… plez2…

  11. Barbara Barnings says:

    Stop sending me e-mails. No longer wish to be involved with facebook. STOP

  12. Marilyn Evans says:

    Stop sending emails to all facebook accounts. Take my name off facebook please. It seems I have 3 accouts I don’t want any of them. I am having problems with facebook. Thank you.

  13. Sandra Thomason says:

    Please do not send anymore emails from class!!!! Thank you.

  14. please stop sending emails to my facebook address no longer exist..will notify with new email address..

  15. sidamsbaugh says:

    can u stopsending my facebook notice to my email. STOP

  16. Isaac kimaiyo lagat says:

    Kindly deactivate notifications to my email from my facebook account. Regards

  17. karen simpson says:

    please do not notify facebook inquiries to this email address.

  18. nzgal says:

    Please do not send anymore email od any kind to this email address

  19. Sharon Phillips says:

    Please take my name and e-mail address off my facebook account and off your website.

  20. Janet Groves says:


  21. Gary Popovits says:

    Please stop sending facebook information to my e-mail account starting 3/28/2010

  22. I accidently clicked the line where it was sending e-mail to my facebook. Just got the e-mail account so I could upload photos. Any way to get it reinstated?

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