Can the iPhone send photos by email?

The feature is there. The interface is slick. My default mail account is setup. But I’ve tried it three (3) times now, and I still have yet to see any email from my iPhone. What’s going on? Am I just missing the email, or has anyone else had trouble with sending photos with the iPhone?

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  1. angie says:

    I am having the same problem. have you been given any advice?

  2. Tom says:

    It’s probably a problem with your outgoing (SMTP) email server. Can you send regular email without photos?

  3. Matt says:

    When I try and send photos, I get an error message that tells me to Check the account settings for the outgoing server “”

    But I have no idea what I’m checking for.

  4. samiie says:

    Im Having The Exact Same Problem.. I Want My New Photos Ive Taken On My Computer And Its Impossible!!
    I Set Up An Email Account And It Just Doesnt Seem To Be Working..

    • Elliot Lee says:

      Hi samiie, you can also try transferring the photos with a photo organization program like Picasa. You can transfer photos when your iPhone is connected to your computer for syncing. On the Mac, you can use iPhoto.

  5. TYRONE says:


  6. javeed shah says:

    Hi THere,

    Till now for almost 10 days i tried to email photos from my iphone (cracked) but was disappointed but now i feel happy…u just need to go to mail settings & select the default mail account fill in the details like your email account username & password & u r done but there is a limitation if u have a large sized photo to send it will resize it to 640+420 …

    hope this solves your problem of emailing pix from your iphone…?

    • Minh says:

      Can you show me how to email photos from the iphone(cracked) because it still won’t allow me to do it after following all the steps you mentioned above.


      • Drew says:

        Open the photo through the camera application on your iPhone. Once you open the photo you want to send, select the bottom right most icon. This will create an email with the photo in it.


    • Jenn says:

      Thank you!!!

  7. javeed shah says:

    simply,open the photos icon from the screen then view the photo u want to email,touch the photo it will give u options right there follow the email photo button & that’z it :>>)

  8. javeed shah says:

    …& u will not be able to attach photos through iphone email browser,it is not supported :((

  9. SpungeBOB says:

    Does it cost?

  10. etrella says:

    hi i recently just purchased the iphone im confused though… im trying to forward a picture from my email to another phone and its not letting me or im doing something wrong…=`(

  11. Frankie g says:

    yea, but it seems you can only email one email at a time from the photos??? Is this so???

  12. Howie J says:

    i try 2 send photos to my friend tmail but my server just rejects it
    so how can i send photos

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