iPhone Calculator Bug

This is an interesting bug in the iPhone’s calculator.

2 Responses to “iPhone Calculator Bug”

  1. DrMoray says:

    There’s a iphone calculator without that bug at iphav.com

  2. Piotr says:

    There’s another bug: turn iPhone to enable scientific calculator (firmware 2.2), type ‘350’, press ‘e^x’ – you’ll get something …e+152 (as expected). Then divide that number by 12. You’ll get …e+37 (instead of …e+151).

    Moreover you can’t enter 1e+130 by pressing ‘1’, ‘EE’, ‘130’ and ‘=’ – that causes an error. But you can press ‘1’, ‘EE’, ‘125’, ‘=’ (to get 1e+125) and then multiply by 100000. You’ll get 1e+130 without any errors.

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