Facebook on the iPhone

I hand my iPhone to a friend and invite her to try the web browser, Safari. What’s the first site she visits?

Facebook, of course.

When I was at the movie theatre, and I wanted to tell people where I was, what was my only choice?

Facebook, of course.

Unfortunately, the Facebook interface is not iPhone Safari compatible. I couldn’t set my status, either from the Home page or my Profile.

Luckily, I was able to set my status by using Facebook mobile and sending an SMS message to Facebook’s phone number. But this is a hack at best, when really I should be getting a much richer experience on the iPhone. Additionally, I only get 200 SMS messages a month, so I need to be careful how much I use it.

So it was good news when I saw that Facebook was finally going to be optimized for the iPhone:



Mashable was among the first to pick up on the leak, which was quickly reverted. Amusingly, their headline is: “STUNNING: Facebook on the iPhone”, and someone responded: “Electricity leak on the iPhone = STUNNING”.

Update: it’s released at iphone.facebook.com and is announced on their blog.

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  1. TJ says:

    For how much you paid for your iPhone, and for how proud Apple was that you get “the real internet, not the mobile version of the internet, not the kinda-looks-like-the-internet internet, just the internet,” don’t you think they should have made the iPhone figure how to see facebook, instead of forcing facebook to come out with an iPhone version of their site?

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