Weird Tab Behavior in Firefox

Is this a bug?

I was working on the TCF website, happily coding along, until I hit a snag: whenever I’d click on a link, it seems to be redirecting me back to the page I was on.

Okay, I shortly realized I was mistaken: I was actually not moving at all, and just staying where I was. What’s going on?, I thought. I clicked again. I realized the link was opening in a new tab… unless that page was already open in a tab. In that case, it wasn’t a new tab at all– it was the same tab, but not the one I was looking at. So when I clicked the link, if my Internet connection was fast enough, it looked like nothing happened!

The cause of this, I guess, is that my anchor tag for the link had this attribute:


The site no longer uses frames, but somehow it seemed that this target was referring to a tab open in Firefox. Weird stuff!

Can anyone confirm or deny?

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  1. FireFix says:

    Firefox is plagued with multiple annoynces and bugs, but marketed as “superior” browser to fool children playing to be webmasters, so it is not strange you face problem using such crap browser.

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