Peel Away Ads Don’t Work – PeelAwayAds Review

So a few weeks back I bought PeelAwayAds, a product that allows you to create advertisements that “peel” away from the corners of your websites. Since then, I’ve been running the affiliate link for Peel Away Ads right here on my blog. You might’ve noticed it. But in all that time, ClickBank seems to have registered zero stats. No traffic (does their analytics thing work?), no sales, nothing zip.

I’ve removed them.

Now, I realize there are plenty of factors at play here, so I leave it as an open question.

Anyone else have experience with Peel Away Ads?

3 Responses to “Peel Away Ads Don’t Work – PeelAwayAds Review”

  1. Tom says:

    They seem extremely gimmicky to me, just like the ContentLinks that turn various words in your content into links. This kind of stuff cheapens your site.

    If you ask me, stick with the basic stuff like Google text ads, etc.

  2. Jiji says:

    I like because it is compatible with drupal, joomla and has wordpress plug-in. It is also easier to use than the rest

  3. Shanavas says:

    Thanks for your review. I was planning to use it.

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