FatWallet’s Green Envelope

fatwallet.gif Today I received a “cash back” rebate check from online deal site FatWallet. I’m really impressed by them. I’ve been a user since August 2003, which is over 4 years ago now, and I have no complaints. They do exactly what they claim, and it works like a charm. Even their envelopes are cool. Here’s the green envelope they deliver rebate checks in:


Seriously, it looks pretty slick, and not only because it’s in my favorite color. Not a great photo (the green looks nicer than that, it’s actually lighter and more pastel-looking), but you get the idea. I hope they keep it up; I’m a fan. So far I’ve received 2 checks from them, one for $66.63, and the latest one for $62.26 cash back from Audrey’s tablet PC.

With the holidays and Christmas coming up, sites like FatWallet must be doing very well around now.

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