Dinosaur Comics T-Shirt: Is This Awesome?

This is just hilarious.

Wizard has turned you into a whale

“A wizard has turned you into a Whale.”

This this awesome (Y/N)?

Dinosaur Comics Clothing

5 Responses to “Dinosaur Comics T-Shirt: Is This Awesome?”

  1. may may says:

    Hi Elliot
    Enjoying reading your blog. Freely written.
    Would you re-send me the writing about Golden Campass (or Compus? It’s a book, then a movie) again, please?

    may may

  2. Yes that is awesome. I’m getting that right now! Awesome shirt.

  3. Emily says:

    hell yah thats awesome

  4. Emily says:

    eww the icon they game me is ugly :(

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