Plushie Planet Launches!

Take a look at our newest venture, Plushie Planet. If you’d like to create a video for the site, simply follow these guidelines:

  • Documentary-style educational theme.
  • 1 minute or less (easy, huh?)
  • Cute plushies.

Send your video to me at [email protected] for review, with the subject: Plushie Planet Submission to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. I can take attachments up to 20 MB (a 1-minute video won’t be more than that). Don’t worry, I can do the editing for you.
If you visit the site and watch a video, leave a comment! We appreciate your thoughts on the plushie kingdom.

On the site’s About page, I call myself the Plushie Investigator.

Why listen to me? Well, here are some real, recent, unsolicited testimonials for me:

“thanks mate, you’re the man!!!”
–orang, December 18, 2007

“You are god. Plain and simple.”
–Commessadre, December 18, 2007

Note: I am not actually god.

These quotes are taken directly from reader comments.

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