Ron Paul – Abolish the IRS, Federal Reserve, etc.

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Here’s the Ron Paul Story:

(If it says “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” just Refresh the page and try again. It WILL work.)

Ron Paul is an incredible person. I’m amazed he exists and am somehow compelled to support him. If you’re been reading my blog for some time, you might know I’ve also been impressed by John McCain. I guess that is why I am baffled as to why people claim to support Hillary or Giuliani. Why?

What is there to like about them?

Some Ron Paul supporters are asking people to commit to donate $100 on Dec. 16. “Tea Party 07

7 Responses to “Ron Paul – Abolish the IRS, Federal Reserve, etc.”

  1. katy says:

    check out Mike Huckabee and see what you think of him.

    Ron Paul does not understand the global community if he thinks the borders in the middle east has nothing to do with America. The war has nothing to do with nation building. When we police the world, we are keeping peace for America. Just like a neighborhood watch program in a residential neighborhood is not meddling in my neighbor’s business. It ultimately protects my house when I watch out for my neighbors.

  2. the more America can actually hear him speak the better off we will be. I hope he starts those network ads real soon.

  3. Ron says:

    The Federal Reserve Has Created the Risk of a Global Depression!

    Please sign, publish or forward our Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at to all your pro-freedom friends and associates.

    The collapsing dollar, exploding oil and food prices, falling housing market, the subprime mortgage and growing credit crisis and stock market weakness are all a result of earlier Federal Reserve actions designed to maximize Wall Street and banking profits at the expense of productive, working people around the world.

    Ron Holland, The Swiss Confederation Institute, Wolf Laurel, NC
    PS Check out the July Las Vegas FreedomFest Conference

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