Abolishing the Department of Education

Getting rid of the Department of Education used to be part of the Republican platform. But when people get in power, the temptation to abuse their power becomes too great. It is extremely easy to justify certain government expansions, especially around something that sounds good, like Education. So instead of abolishing the DoE as promised, the Republicans have doubled the size of it.

Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President, often mentions that he wants to get rid of the DoE in his speeches. Indeed, getting rid of useless (or even harmful) departments such as this one are one of the primary ways of cutting government spending, getting the deficit and debt under control, lowering taxes, and improving the economy.

But many people, myself included, have no idea why the DoE should be abolished. After all, there are indeed many things the government does which we are very thankful for. So what’s wrong with the Department of Education? All he says is that we should abolish it.

Here’s what one person has said about Ron Paul’s position: “problem is he has NEVER explained why and it TURNS viewers off. Not once in a debate has he said that he wants teachers and parents to make decisions locally on what their children should be getting in the way of education.”

Another person replied, “I have heard him talk about this in interviews and speeches. Like the other candidates, Ron Paul gives a lot of ‘Readers Digest’ versions of his answers in the debates. He’s telling the truth and he’s appealing to those who favored abolishing the DOE during Reagan’s time, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to a great number of Republican voters.”

But here’s the kicker: “The problem with a lot of conservatives is that they tend to support existing institutions. If something’s been around a while, the idea of getting rid of it seems kinda nutty to them.

I can definitely attest to that. When I told them Ron Paul was the only one with a tangible plan to cut government spending, and said that abolishing the Federal Reserve, IRS, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, etc. is all part of that, they looked very skeptical. If something’s been around a while, the idea of getting rid of it seems kinda nutty to them.

We need to take a good, discerning look at what our government is spending money on, and cut back when that spending is not working.

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P.S. Who is Ron Paul? Here’s a great video on YouTube about Ron Paul. I’ve watched a lot of Ron Paul on YouTube, but haven’t seen this before. Rate and share.

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  1. roy says:

    link me :)

    I will be blogging
    I will link you once i figure out my site haha :)

  2. I have liked Ron Paul since the beginning of the elections. I have watched many of his youtube videos. I wish the TV would give him a chance.

    Much like you, I also would like to hear more of what the plan is, and why we need to get rid of the department of education.

  3. Oh by the way.. I really think if Ron Paul were able to win, and go on to face either Obama or Hillary, I think he would have a real strong chance, especialy, if he were able to advocate the same general response that he has had on the internet!

  4. Brian says:

    Unfortunately Ron Paul was portrayed by the media as someone who doesn’t have a chance from the beginning and many people seem to only vote for those they think might win.

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