Lenovo ThinkPad X300 vs Apple MacBook Air

Chinese company Lenovo, which acquired IBM’s computing division in 2005, today is throwing around the word “perfection.” And I think this could very well be the closest a laptop has ever come. They have released the ThinkPad X300, a 2.9 lb. wonder. Far less than an inch thick, it’s the lightest and thinnest ThinkPad ever made. Amazingly, it has not only a TrackPoint, but a TouchPad as well – which is the signature ThinkPad “UltraNav.”

Naturally, when thinking of extremely thin laptops, the recently-released MacBook Air comes to mind. Here’s a head-to-head comparison, which shows clear ways in which the X300 wins out:

Lenovo ThinkPad X300 vs Apple MacBook Air

A reporter followed the process from start to finish. Read about that here:

Building the Perfect Laptop – BusinessWeek

They were working on the laptop for over a year. Somehow, the MacBook barely beat them to market. Here’s a post about it on Lenovo’s Design Matters blog:

The Pursuit of Perfection – Design Matters

I’m amazed at how far laptops have come in the past 10 years. I remember drooling over 300 MHz WinBooks. They were $1500. Today, that same $1500 buys so much more, thanks to technological advances.

I’m tempted to sell every computer I have and pick up an X300. That is a computer I would truly bring everywhere. Whether I get it depends on long-term reliability of the computer, though.

7 Responses to “Lenovo ThinkPad X300 vs Apple MacBook Air”

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  2. Adam Dempsey says:

    I want a x300!

  3. andrew says:

    Wow, I was thinking I was going to have to buy a macbook Air to get something ultra slim.

    Glad to see Lenovo is offering a slim solution as well

    – andrew

  4. N4news says:

    Lenovo X300 is much better than Mac’s Air according to comparison =)
    Really think to buy it as ulra portable solution to take it with me during traveling.
    But at home… I think it won’t be comfortable to work with. 17-20” laptops are mush better.

  5. macnut says:

    the X300 is a bit pricey in compare with the macbook air.

  6. turjo says:

    Lenovo Laptop price is not high. you can see the latest market price from

  7. jojobanzai says:

    all you need, all inside on thinkpad.

    peace, im T410 :D

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