Ron Paul’s New Book: The Revolution

It’s no secret that I’m a supporter of Ron Paulhere’s one post I wrote about him earlier. That’s why I was excited when I discovered today that he’s coming out with a new book, entitled The Revolution: A Manifesto – his first book in over 20 years. One person has created a site at, where you can pledge to buy one copy of the book when it’s released on April 30, 2008.


Here’s what it’s about. The United States has fallen away from its original roots, its ideals of liberty and freedom as defined in our Constitution. This is reflected in our policies on war, money, the economy, the IRS, and almost every other aspect of government. Since the mainstream media ignores Dr. Paul’s message, we need to promote this message in other ways. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has raised many of the questions that he addresses, but it hasn’t been enough to bring it to the awareness of most Americans. That’s where his new book comes in, to help spread these ideas and help people to understand the importance of freedom.

I think Dr. Paul should take a page from the internet marketing world’s method of promoting new books to the top spot in bestseller lists: by using email marketing and by giving away free bonuses. Heck, if I can find a few bonuses to give away, I might organize the effort myself. What do you think, what bonuses would you like to see?

The book is truly an excellent deal: although the list price is $21.00, is listing it for $14.28 (that’s 32% off)! Plus, you save an extra 5% if you pre-order it. I’ll definitely pre-order a copy, and at that price I’m tempted to buy two. But I’ve never read one of Dr. Paul’s books before, so I’ll hold off until I’ve at least read A Foreign Policy of Freedom, which I shall also order tonight. At $13.57, it’s an amazing deal, too.

I’ve found a use for the $50 I won at the Google All-Nighter :)

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5 Responses to “Ron Paul’s New Book: The Revolution”

  1. andrew says:

    He has realised that he is not going to win the election so is cashing in while he can…

  2. aamir says:

    exactly, trying to cash in while he still can

  3. Catherine says:

    People who lie suspect others are lying. People who steal suspect others of stealing. You always suspect others of doing what you would do. It worries me to read some of these posts. Ron Paul is not “cashing in” while he still can and he is far from over in this campaign, he is just getting started and if you read his books he you will find out he predicted everything that is happening right now and you will find some startling information you didn’t know about before. He is also a doctor who has spent his life delivering babies instead of lurking aorund the White House in Washington.

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