Naomi Wolf: The End of America

This is a very thought-provoking talk. I recommend watching it. Some of my notes follow the video.

It doesn’t matter who is in power. The President shouldn’t even have that authority.

Why do we have the 2nd Amendment?

Nail clipper. How does it work, why does it protect you?

Danger of a paramilitary force. King George’s men bullying people and breaking into homes.
Danger of blanket warrant.

You can’t have a standing army that’s not answerable to the people.

People today feel separated from the Constitution.

Get a lawyer: What is due process, beginning to end? And we are educated!

Notice and opportunity.

By the President’s say-so he can declare a public emergency.

Surveillance apparatus aimed at organized citizens. Don’t need to surveil everyone. 10% did in East Germany. Driven by profit motive. Security industrial complex technologies. Multi-billion dollar industry. Ensure continued profits. Hype– not a serious, but relatively minor enemy– but that WE are the enemy in need of surveillance. The US Citizens.

Richard Murphy. Constitutional scholar.

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  1. Mike Mctageu says:

    After reading some of you posts did not think the lights were on, is it possible you have an open mind,
    download Zeitgeist off the net its free. Make sure you get past the religious parts to the banking system and the september 11tht segments. This is a well researched piece. If you find anything that is not factual you might want to comment.

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