SummerCon 2008

For the past week I’ve been at InterVarsity’s Summer Conference at Campus by the Sea on Catalina Island. It was a very nice experience, and a chance to spend a week away from computers and electronics. I also did several hikes around the campsite, which was good exercise. I need to exercise more often, especially since I’m still planning on doing a backpacking trip to Mt. Whitney the last week of June, starting in Onion Valley and taking the Kearsarge Pass.

I was part of the Witnessing Community Seminar, along with 12 other students plus our seminar leader, Steve Marks. That meant 14 total, which I think was just the right size for the group. We studied some passages from Acts and John, and discussed several readings which Steve selected for us. It was a good study, and the people in it are simply awesome. I’m getting really tired now, so I’ll have to write more about this later :)

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