Has anyone heard of the site They advertise with Google AdWords, but their site is bogus. They claim to support the middle class, but the whole thing is a sham. I haven’t looked into it extensively, but it looks sinister. I spent a few minutes gathering other people’s thoughts, and here’s what I found…

One person writes:

This is the biggest bunch of garbage and grading I have ever seen!

I love that Senator Chris Dodd, that sold US all out to the Banking and Financial Institutions and is one of the biggest Lobbyist accepting WHORES in Washington DC… gets an (A+) lol!

The main clue to me that this site was tricky was the fact that Ron Paul received grades of D and F. I know I support his positions, so what didn’t like about his votes?

From the looks of it, this is a more left-wing ratings group, if Dodd is among the highest rated. They have a set of criteria which they base these on. It probably has to do with votes regarding medicare, welfare, affirmative action, etc, which Ron Paul would vote against but most liberals would vote for.

So what’s a better ratings site? How about the conservative index, where Ron Paul has a score of 100?

I’d also take a look at Citizens Against Government Waste (America’s #1 taxpayer watchdog) which gives him a score of 95% (Taxpayer Hero).

One Ron Paul supporter wrote that “An F— from that socialist nut-house of a site would have been more desirable.” I almost agree :)

One last quote.

Democrats and education often prey upon the guilt of the “privileged classes.” Their survey is clearly biased toward the welfare state. Against it and you’re against the middle class.

IMHO Ron Paul is the only politician who is a real friend of the middle class. He sees how the welfare state creates a two class system: The serfs and the selected elite.

What do you think?

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  1. Michael says:

    What do you mean by sinister? What are the clues you are looking at?

    I saw a postcard from “Republican Revolution”, that I thought was “sinister” in the sense of deceptive. First proposition they supported was my clue to watch out for them.

    It’s so sneaky to put up a second propostion that effectively wipes out the other and make claims in such a way that its only purpose is to confuse the public.

    I’m referring to California Prop 99 which claims to be against eminent domain. Within the bill itself, Prop 99 undoes the very protection it claims to provide. Prop 99 also has a “poison pill” provision which cancels out Prop 98 (the real emininet domain protection bill), if both bills pass, as long as Prop 99 wins more than 50% of the vote.

    How much “sinister” can you get?

    • Elliot Lee says:

      Okay, I looked into it a bit more. My first clue is that they gave Ron Paul an F from 2003-2005 and a D for 2007 (source). I know he’s not against the middle class, so what gives? Well, take a look at what they consider to be supportive of the middle class.

      To them, it is anti-middle class to vote to secure the borders and be against amnesty.

      That about settles it for me.

      I’ll update the post with a few quotes from others regarding the site.

  2. Clayton R. says:

    I took a short look at and was appauled by the voting. What made me somewhat angry is there is no efficient way to get a hold of these people or comment to say how retarded they truly are. They have every single Republican a C or WORSE. As for the Democrats, mostly A’s and B’s. Not one democrat has an F. But 40 Republicans have F’s??? Sure, act like you are for the ‘middle class’ and not the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich, liberals will listen! Ron Paul should have gotten an A.. He is the best man in congress and they have misrepresented him as ‘against’ the middle class? He is the most conservative member in congress, meaning he said no to all the WASTE that has been passing now and for many years previously. I hate, I really really do.

  3. Jack Roth says:

    A quick check of past votes clearly shows their rating to be pro-Democrat. Without going onto details at this point it becomes a biased waste of time to get information. Their lack of a comment position puts the icing on the cake since their vote is final without any external input.

  4. Jack Roth says:

    Further checking put this website in the extreme left. It’s a shame that the left is always so misleading about their adgenda. Your ratings are worthless.

  5. Betty Case says:

    Maybe they give the current Republican politicians so many low grades is because they ( the Rep.s ) are not pro-middle class.

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