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Last night I had an incredible dream. The first thing I remember is that I was running away from some people who were chasing me. Somehow, I had a backpack with fantastic tools in it, including something that allowed me to jump off buildings and land unharmed. I think there was some kind of glider thing that I could hold on to. Anyway, I proceeded to run through buildings and hallways, outside and off cliffs. Eventually I came to a door which seemed to go into a large warehouse building. I went in and continued running, knowing that my pursuers were still after me. I entered a hallway and suddenly I was in some kind of hospital. There were bathrooms with advanced showers/baths for cleaning off contaminants. I came to a room where patients were relaxing, and met an interesting older lady who introduced me to her MacBook.

MacBook Touch Sketch

She said she was not computer savvy, which is interesting because it seems that unsavvy people seem to have the coolest gear sometimes. She said he likes to browse the web for computer stuff, and pulled up a web browser with TigerDirect on it. She started browsing the LCD monitors and various types of peripherals. It was amazing: She double-tapped directly on the screen to zoom in on an item. She panned around the screen by dragging the screen with one finger. And then she used the “pinch” maneuver to change the zoom size and look at another item.

Then she did something even more awesome: she started spinning the grille on the right side of the screen, flicking up to spin it upward, and down to see more of what was above. It contained types of computer ports. I saw what looked like USB ports, Firewire ports, parallel ports, VGA, DVI, etc. It looked like a physical metal grill that was scrolling vertically, but now that I think back on it, it must have been an incredibly high-quality digital display. It just moved too smoothly to be mechanical.

I looked closer. It looked like the MacBook had some kind of touch-screen device set as a layer on top of the display. I looked around and saw that the MacBook was connected to an external backup drive, but the drive was in a tower-type case and could’ve been a computer on its own. I looked behind, and saw that there was a memory card reader on the back… but it had the factory plastic on it, so it had never been used. And there were a lot of other ports too, most of them unused, although some of them were. I started asking her more questions. Is this external hard drive just for backups? Did you know some of these ports are still covered by tape/plastic?

I didn’t ask where she got it or how much it cost. I assumed, in my ignorance, Apple would be selling it on their website and what it cost was what it cost. But mark my words. The whole experience was so smooth, so natural, so useful– I’m sure Apple is working on a MacBook Touch already.

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  1. Michael says:

    Many of our best innovations come through our dreams. So what are you going to do about it?

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