Staples, RadioShack, and WALL•E

Staples has several “1 cent” specials right now. I went to our Walnut location and picked up a couple of small 0.5 oz bottles of hand sanitizer for a penny each. I also purchased some retractable highlighters, free after rebate. I’m very impressed with Staples Easy Rebates. They indeed make it just about as easy as it could be, with online submission and no postage required. Yet, why have rebates at all? We still have to pay the 8.25% sales tax, which is very significant when we’re talking about something that’s free after rebate. I guess they make some money from those who don’t turn in the rebate, but with Easy rebates, I can hardly see that happening very often. All the better for me if it does, I guess.

I also went to RadioShack and returned the portable battery chargers I bought for my iPhone, for use during the hiking trip. Both worked fine, although I didn’t test them thoroughly. I feel bad for RadioShack. They do an excellent job. The stores are nice and decently stocked, and their return policy cannot be beat. I’d bet online retailers nowadays have lower return rates just because it’s so hard to successfully return an item to them. You have to box it and ship it. But with RadioShack, you just walk in and get your refund. No matter that the product is opened and used. I’m glad they do it, though. They certainly have made a very happy customer out of me. RadioShack rocks. Props to Charles at the Diamond Bar RadioShack.

Finally, I went to downtown LA to watch WALL•E at the Laemmle Theatre, Grande 4. Pronounced LEM-lee, according to the newspaper article I saw posted on the wall there. My first time at the theatre. Quite a good deal, I think, with student tickets at $7.00. Big thanks to Daniel Dyba for the invite. It was fun to see Emily and Amanda again, and I got to talk with Ken, a guy who’s bursting with business ideas. We’ll get in touch.

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