Transfer Wii Fit Game Data

It is possible to copy Wii Fit save data from one Wii and use it on another. When I Googled for answers about this, I found several different answers. Some people said save files are tied to the Wii console itself, so although you could backup to SD Card, you couldn’t bring that data with you to another console. Others said you probably could, but they had never tried.

So I had to try for myself. And it worked just fine. I was able to take Wii Fit save data and bring it over to my cousin’s house to do a Body Test for the day, and get a stamp. Then I saved it back to my SD Card.

First, to backup your Wii Fit save data, insert an SD Card and copy the Wii Fit game file to the card. You also need to Transfer all of your personal MIis to a Wii Remote. If you don’t, the characters will turn into guests on your friend’s console.

On the friend’s console, go to the Mii Plaza first, and Transfer all of your Miis to their Wii (from your Wiimote).

Then, insert a blank SD Card. Copy their Wii Fit save data to it (if it exists). Then, erase their data from their Wii (make sure it’s backed up on their SD Card first!).

Remove their SD Card and insert yours. Copy your Wii Fit data to their Wii. Then go ahead and start and play Wii Fit with your save data.

You can simply reverse the process to transfer back.

Hope this helps!

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  1. J Monty says:

    It worked perfectly! Nice to have someone actually try it out. Thank you! :)

  2. Chris says:

    I’m on vacation, and similarly wanted to try this, so I followed these instructions exactly. But when I tried to copy over my wii fit channel onto the other console, it gave me the message “Cannot copy this channel to this Wii Console”. I understand when it gives this message if you try and copy a VC game purchased on a different console, but that’s not the case here. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is that the Wii here isn’t connected to the internet, so it doesn’t have the latest system updates. Do you think that makes a difference? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • itsund3rmykilt says:

      I think you just answered your question– you’re saving the WiiFit channel instead of the save data, there is a difference. All the channel does is allow you to see your personal data on your Wii without the disk being in, the data is the actual game save.

  3. Chris says:

    Ah, I didn’t realize you could save game data like that. Thanks for the clarification; I wish I would have figured it out before I’d left for vacation :)

  4. lkalliance says:

    I’ve got a couple questions about this procedure:

    (1) When you say, copy ALL your personal Miis to your Wiimote, do you mean just the personal Mii that you use for you own workouts…or all the personal Miis (yours or not) that have accounts on you Wii Fit…or all user-created Miis?

    (2) Do you know if there is a way to MERGE Wii Fit data? I have a Wii Fit profile, I work out on it every day. My friend in another state has her own Wii Fit profile and SHE works out on it every day. If I go and visit her for a period of time, or vice versa, would love to each have our own Wii Fit data and Miis on the same Wii at the same time. Is this possible?

    I’m guessing it isn’t.

  5. c mcfarland says:

    How much space does the wiifit data take? Is a 1G SD card big enough

  6. Sage Morris-Greene says:

    I started using Wii fit on a friend’s Wii, while I was visiting him for several weeks, then decided I had to get it for myself. I had saved my data from his Wii onto an SD card, and first thing when i put the game into my Wii, i uploaded the saved data from the SD card to the Wii. However, when i started Wii fit, it had me create a new account, and didn’t seem to have any other information besides that newly created one. How do i find my info? Is there a certain order to how you do it? I had ten hours on his Wii, so i’d really like to not have to start over again. Thanks! :-)

  7. John Shirey says:

    Here’s a challenge – how do you COMBINE Wii Fit information. If we go to my son’s house and we want to compete, all I have is his trial exercises, not ones that I’ve opened. The backup – replace – restore method you describe means one or the other of us won’t have our information available.

    Love to have a way to combine them, wouldn’t you?

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