#2 in the iTunes App Store

A couple days ago, my first iPhone app was ranked second in the iTunes App Store for free apps. That was the motivation I needed to take this more seriously. The iPhone is truly a great computing platform. I’m typing this post on my iPhone. In fact, I can now type really quickly with two thumbs. And it’s silent, so I imagine that I can now easily blog from class. Probably take photos of the prof, too.


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  1. Eshan Mathur says:

    Hey Elliot, ‘SC freshman here. Came up on your blog thru google (haha, the ITS Sucks post, actually).

    Been using this game since I first saw it, didn’t know it was made by a trojan :)

    Bit frustrating sometimes though – whenever I drag down a block I have a 40% chance of accidentally dragging it into the wrong position, not sure why or whether its the programs fault. Mabye I’m just not used to it yet.

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