Brain Tuner Premium in the iTunes App Store

It’s here! Global High Scores, 60-Problem Mode, and Division. Take a look in the iTunes App Store. Feel free to leave a comment on this post.

7 Responses to “Brain Tuner Premium in the iTunes App Store”

  1. John says:

    Hi Elliot, I really enjoy your game. 6.58s on 20q and 40.5 on 100q mode. I was thinking an interesting mode you could add to the game would be to make the current problem invisible with probability p and the next problem invisible with probability q (where those parameters can be set), to force the brain to read ahead and hopefully get faster when playing in all modes.

  2. Kevin says:

    No F*****G Way

  3. Eugene says:

    Holy crap, I had no idea you were behind this game. I downloaded it (the lite version) a couple of weeks ago. This one and Tris are my favorite iphone games.

  4. Dylan says:

    6.58 secs…..Thats quick ! Nice idea with the probability.

  5. jojo says:

    My personal record is 8.865050 seconds.20 problems with division
    Damn guys how can you do 6-7 sec??:D

  6. loulou says:

    my best score is 4.9523s in 20p with division. my second best is 4.9797 s. but they are not registered. I am disappointed.
    I realized theses scores 01/29/2010

  7. claude says:

    My best score is 12.9602s in 20p. I am 49 years old and I train myself since about 2 weeks.
    How old are you and how long are you training to make such a score ?

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