Something I didn’t need to know for CSCI 402

Typed it up before I realized it’s not part of our readings.

A socket is an endpoint for communication. In Java, Connection-oriented (TCP) sockets are implemented with the Socket class, Connectionless (UDP) sockets use the DatagramSocket class, and MulticastSocket, a subclass of DatagramSocket, allows data to be sent to multiple recipients. The loopback is
External data representation (XDR) is a machine-independent representation of data.

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  1. I was just randomly searching the web and saw that you knew about the Rebelution. That’s awesome! :) I live here in Southern CA as well… computer science major at La Sierra University (nothing like USC… but sockets bring back some unlovely memories of network programming). I’m a big USC football fan too. ;) Do you know much about the grad programs there for computer science?

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