Elliot’s Short Updates for 2008-10-29 via Twitter

  • What SHOULD the government do? Enforce contracts, prosecute fraud, and regulate the Federal Reserve to restore sound money. #
  • We should regulate the institutions that are causing harm. And get rid of bad debt. http://tinyurl.com/6h9p6e #
  • We need to get rid of misdirected investments. We’re getting there slowly. http://tinyurl.com/6j7ag3 #
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act had a very detrimental effect on our economy. http://tinyurl.com/69lrbj #
  • Prop. 8 is not about rights. Family Code Section 297.5 already guarantees them the same rights. http://tinyurl.com/5hbrej #
  • Tom McClintock on the Propositions in California http://tinyurl.com/5l45vr #
  • Tom McClintock on the bailout, Sept. 30. http://tinyurl.com/67mw6k – IMHO, every Congressman who voted for it is a thief. #
  • Is McCain a maverick? “Barack Obama voted with Democrats 97% of the time. John McCain voted with the Republicans 79% of the time.” #
  • The U.S. Auto Industry should NOT get a bailout. Their cars suck (gas), so they’re rightly being punished for it. http://tinyurl.com/49jqb4 #
  • Here’s how we should lower government spending: http://tinyurl.com/6mo2w7 #
  • Current thought… Me: In fact, marriage and love often don’t go together. Prop 8 opponent: wow that’s kinda sad lol #
  • We do not need to be occupying Japan, Korea, or Europe. We have troops in 130 countries! http://tinyurl.com/592rpp #
  • “The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.” — Thomas Jefferson ( http://www.commonsenserevisited.org/ ) #
  • Creating slides for The Well tonight, 7:30 PM in SAL 101. #

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