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Very tricky, but I got it to work. Here’s the fix:


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Re: [iphone] ad hoc distrib
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First, look at your ad-hoc provisioning file in text edit (just view it, don’t overwrite it!)

If it does NOT contain a line that says “<key>get-task-allow</key>” then you need to go to the program portal and get a NEW ad-hoc provisioning profile. There is a workaround where you can use the provisioning profile without this key, but Apple apparently has added this key to the ad-hoc provisions, and you might as well have the latest.

However, that is not the final fix.

The next thing you have to do is add a new file to the root of your project … file, new file, iphone, code signing, entitlements. Call it “dist.plist” …

Open that file, and it will say “get-task-allow” with a checkmark for “true” — this needs to be FALSE. Uncheck the checkbox, or if in text mode, type in “false”

OK, almost there!!!

Open the target build info window and where it says “Code Signing Entitlements” add “dist.plist”




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Also, if you’re seeing this error: “Your mobile device has encountered an unexpected error (0xE800003A) during the install phase: Verifying application” the solution might be:

just change your bundle identifier in the info.plist file as bellow


mycompany==> your company name as in proviosing profile.
application ==> Application name as is in target application name

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