Elliot’s Short Updates for 2009-01-17 via Twitter

  • Got a new previous-generation 15″ MacBook Pro. I’m very happy. But Macs have to be reconfigured so much before they become useful esp Safari #
  • I notice that the arrow keys on Apple’s keyboard are smaller in the vertical dimension. Why don’t PC makers (esp Asus) do this? #
  • On the Mac, the difference between the fastest key repeat rate and 1 notch down is HUGE. Why the big jump? #
  • “The game has become practically the national sport for South Koreans under age 40.” The New York Times http://tinyurl.com/5jksbt #
  • Apple’s MagSafe adapter is somewhat unintuitive to unplug. Other plugs are pulled straight out, but MagSafe needs to be pushed at an angle! #
  • The limited hinge angle on Apple’s MacBook Pro is actually noticeable. If it weren’t for the limitation, I’d push it back more. #
  • The previous-generation 15″ MBP has only 2 USB ports. C’mon. My 10″ Asus netbook has more. And the keyboard does not have “Home” or “End”. #
  • What’s an alternative to “Home” and “End” functionality on the MBP? In some forms (Firefox), command+left arrow goes “back” a page. #
  • How do I do a forward-delete on a MBP (which has a key labeled “delete” that functions as a “backspace”)? #
  • Installing VMware Fusion 30-day trial. I hear Google Founder Sergey Brin uses Google Chrome in VMware Fusion. #
  • Laptop Battery A is charged to 100%, then used to 90% daily. Batt B is charged to 60%, used to 50% dly. In 2 yrs, which is in better health? #

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