New Theme

I’ve selected the Tarski theme. Here’s what my blog used to look like:

Previous blog theme

And take a look at the live site to see what the new theme looks like.

A Bit of Preparation for Japan

I’m going to Japan for Spring Break with four friends. We’ll be there 10 days.

Sherwin and I went to Little Tokyo today and picked up our Rail Passes for Japan. They were $290, though the price on the ticket says $295. Apparently we got a $5 discount.

Driving to and from Little Tokyo is easy. Take Figueroa North, then go East on 2nd Street. To come back to USC, go West on 2nd Street, make a left at Fig, and take the 110 South.


My host, A Small Orange, suspended my hosting account today. It was due to this blog, so something’s gone awry with resource usage. I’m going to delete a bunch of unnecessary plugins:

  • podPress
  • SMS Text Message
  • Top Commentators Widget
  • WP-PageNavi
  • TP-Guestbook
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

I also added a new Random Post link in the navbar. Try it.

6 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. Why should you have to delete stuff? I think its a bit unfair of them to shut you down, or penalize you for getting too much traffic.

    Till then,


    1. It’s not necessarily too much traffic: it’s too much resource usage. That means CPU/memory, and it shouldn’t really be using that much. Hopefully the new theme and eliminated useless plugins help the situation.

  2. Hi,

    I really like this theme.

    Can you tell how automatically insert avatars in comments?
    What plugin you use?

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