Why does Google FeedBurner use FeedBlitz?

I’ve been doing some long-overdue routine maintenance of my blog. I noticed that I had an email subscription box on the right sidebar. I assumed it was working, but when I tried it with a test email address – it wasn’t!

I hate when things don’t work. Especially something as important as an email subscription form. On the FeedBlitz account dashboard, they say I have a whopping 2 subscribers – one of which is me. According to FeedBurner, my blog has 399 readers subscribed by RSS – who knows how many hundreds I missed out on because email subscriptions weren’t working?

There’s something strange about the Google FeedBurner dashboard: if you signed up for email newsletters back when they used FeedBlitz, the legacy code remains there. The problem: it completely sucks. The newsletters are ugly, there are tons of ads, and worst of all: it plain didn’t work. Here’s a screenshot. It looks like it should’ve been from 4 years ago, but it was actually taken today:

Picture 12

From this screen, it looks like FeedBlitz is the only way to get email subscriptions through FeedBurner, but that’s not the case at all. And if you Deactivate, you don’t get the option to link with a different FeedBlitz account, like the page claims. You get the option to activate FeedBurner (not FeedBlitz) email subscriptions.

Using FeedBlitz? Ugh. I need to get FeedBurner email subscriptions working right away. Fortunately, that was easy enough to do – once I figured out that I had to Deactivate FeedBlitz first.

And I need to get my websites in working order. Help me out. Find a bug on my website, and I’ll compensate you for reporting it to me. Thanks!

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