An iPhone app in 7 days

It can be done. My first iPhone app, Brain Tuner, took about a week.

8 developers, 2 designers, and 1 team lead created a social networking, event planning app called Wikimeety, in just 7 days. Here’s the marketing blurb they sent me:

The I-Phone Reality Show live from Venice, Italy

Command Guru is a newborn company based in Italy, that deals with design and development of applications for Mac and iPhone. The iPhone Reality Show they launched last Saturday – in collaboration with H-Farm – is a good way to say “Hello!” to the tribe of Mac and iPhone fans out there.

Ten people between web designers and developers have been invited to Venice, Italy, to create together an iPhone application in one week, under the supervision of Aaron Hillegass, the guru of Mac programming who wrote “Cocoa programming for Mac OS X”. Coding, sketching, brainstorming: the guys are constantly watched by cameras that allow Internet users to witness the work-in-progress. Both a live streaming and a selection of the most significant moments are available at

“We are trying to bring awareness to the iPhone community – says Alessio Zito Rossi from Command Guru – and we also believe the Mac platform will eventually be the one. Maybe after a couple of years of MacTablet madness :-)”

Command Guru is using Ooyala streaming to stream the content. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option for watching it on the iPhone yet (but apparently they’re implementing one). The website features a Twitter feed were users can leave their comments, give advices and propose solutions to the iPhone Reality Show people (use #CGLive tag). Also, the source is available for everybody who wants to download it. 

The application that is being developed is Wikimeety, a social network application based on geolocalization. People can stay in touch with friends, organize events or opt in other people ‘s events. Once finished, the application will be free for download on the App Store. “Nice to wikimeet you!” reads the t-shirt the ten guys are wearing at work.

I intend to write more about this topic, if anyone is interested. Leave a comment :)

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  5. Ezequel says:

    Interseting :)
    Do I have limitations using a windows PC for Iphone development?
    Do you know something about the “hidden” API’s in the Iphone SDK?

    Congrats with your apps btw, laurentvw showed me

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