The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600)

Here in Vietnam, an iPhone brought from the U.S. isn’t allowed to use the Vietnamese carriers out-of-the-box because it’s locked to the American network. That means we need to unlock it.

One of the several methods of unlocking the phone is to use Recovery Mode to restore using a modified ipsw file. Note that this is different from DFU mode, even though iTunes calls it same thing (iTunes will call it “recovery mode”).

You can tell the difference, though, by looking at the iPhone’s screen. If it shows a cartoon Steve Jobs saying something in Russian, or it shows a sync cable pointing at an iTunes icon, then it’s Recovery mode. If the screen is blank, it’s DFU mode.

To put the phone into DFU mode, hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons for 10 seconds; then release the sleep/wake button, but KEEP holding the Home button until iTunes recognizes the iPhone. Then you can depress the Home button.

To put the phone into Restore mode, disconnect it from your computer; hold down the Home button, then connect it to your computer. Keep holding the button down until an image appears on the iPhone’s screen.

If you get Error 1600:

Then you might be using DFU mode, when you should actually be using Recovery mode. Switch modes and try again.

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  2. DubDizzle says:

    Try to use a desktop computer and using the USB ports at the back. I tried numerous times with a laptop and also the Front USB ports on my desktop. I would always get the error. The first time I connected to the rear ports It restored, immediately.

  3. Marcel says:

    very well observed…… ;)

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