Need: Better Tab Switching

I’ve been thinking about this for a long while, and today I found that Cédric Beust has put my thoughts into words:

What I really need is an extension that lets me switch to a tab by typing a few letters from either its title or its content. Just now, as I was starting to write this entry, I found myself having to find the article I linked above. I have currently about ten Firefox windows open and each of them has anywhere between one and ten tabs. Finding the correct window required a few Alt-Tab and quite a few Alt-~. And even then, the correct window popped up on my screen several times but I missed it because the tab I was looking for was the fourth in in a group of ten.
What would have been ideal: a text box where I can type “candy” and a drop down containing all the tabs that match the string I just type.
I’m aware of a few Chrome extensions that do this but all of them open a new window when you select the tab, instead of just taking you to the existing one, which defeats the purpose of the idea since it loads the page again and loses the position you were last reading.
Please let me know if you know of any extension that accomplishes what I’m looking for

Source: Firefox’s “Tab Candy”: pretty, but…

Anyone out there with experience building browser extensions? How feasible is this?

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  1. Try the beta version of Firefox 4. If you start to type in the address of a site that’s already open, it’ll just switch to that tab instead of loading the site all over again.

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