Kimono Wine Bar and Grill

During my last evening in Japan, the Hackers on a Plane went to Kimono Wine Bar and Grill for our final dinner together. Overall, it was terrific. The food was tasty, and atmosphere was astounding, and the company was fun. My only complaint is that it was a little pricey, but that may be because we had a special menu, and it’s possible some of the proceeds went to the Tokyo Hackerspace– though I’m not certain about this. We each received two drink tickets, but since I don’t really enjoy alcohol, I just had two glasses of grapefruit juice.

They have special light bulbs that look like an old antique style. Matt Mets picked up one. They look like the bulbs on top of these beaker lamps.

So my third trip to Japan came to an end. I picked up some Japanese language skills along the way, but just phases; nothing approaching conversational.

On my way back to Vietnam, I had a 17-hour layover in Manila. There was a free airport shuttle to Resorts World Manila, so that’s where I spent most of my time. I picked up a free membership card:

RWM: Resorts World Manila

RWM: Resorts World Manila - my free membership card

There’s a mall there, too. I went to a travel store and bought the world’s smallest electric fan, and an electronic audio-based mosquito repellent device.

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