Markets in Miaoli: Day 3 in Taiwan

Today is my third full day in Taiwan. I walked around Miaoli with Aaron’s grandpa. He speaks English acceptably well, though his native language seems to be Mandarin Chinese. He also speaks fluent Japanese, and he thinks very highly of Japan.

Aaron has agreed to do an experiment with me, lasting 48-hours up to a week. We’ll develop an app of some kind, and put it up on the App Store to see what happens.

Aaron used to use a bandwidth monitoring app called BitMeter, but for some reason it doesn’t work anymore. It could be useful when one’s connection is bandwidth-limited, like a 3G data connection in the US.

Another thing that we’re interested in is local eating, along the lines of Locavores. It’s healthier and fresher, but probably not cheaper.

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  1. Aaron Lin says:

    Hey Elliot,

    I probably should have given you the link. The app is here, at I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the site you’ve pointed to.

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