Night Market near Morrison Academy

Today I went swimming at Morrison Academy. It was my first time visiting the school I’d heard so much about. I now know quite a few people who have graduated from there: David, L&H, the Shoes (not sure how to spell their name). I now also know quite a few current students: M&M, and a couple of their friends.

At the pool, one of the kids there is named Elliot (not sure if he spells it the same way). I was momentarily confused when I kept hearing kids calling my name.

In the evening, we went to a night market for dinner. It was my first time riding in a private car in Taiwan, though I’d previously been in taxis (twice). It was quite delicious to have some fresh stir-fry at a cost of just 130 TWD.

If I have time later, I’ll add a couple photos to this post.

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