Today I used an app called WirelessKeyView for Windows XP and Windows Vista to discover what a friend’s Wi-Fi password is. They don’t even know their own password because it’s so long and complicated. They assured me that they’d give me the password if they knew it, though, so there’s no issue of questionable ethics here. I’m glad the information was easy to get. Technology is much more useful when it’s convenient and works.


I walked around Taichung today. I found a market that reminded me of Whole Foods. I bought a pack of sashimi that ended up being too much raw fish for me to comfortably eat. I finished it out of obligation, though. Note to self: don’t buy too much sashimi, no matter how good it looks. The receipt is dated 05/16 @ 14:30, and lists 5 items:

  1. 45: a plastic container of pre-cut assorted fruit
  2. 99: a general meal including udon and chicken
  3. 198: the sashimi
  4. 22: a sticky green dessert that I brought home and shared
  5. 2: the plastic bag

The total is 366 TWD. I paid by credit card.

After lunch, I walked into a FamilyMart and bought a top-up code for my Taiwan Mobile phone. The receipt is dated 2011-05-16 @ 15:37. I paid 300 TWD in cash.

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