Xcode 4 Open Quickly

Open Quickly…

  • Command ⌘ Shift ⇧ D
  • File > Open Quickly…

I’m a big fan of the Open Quickly feature, which is particularly good in Xcode 3.1 and later. When you want to open a file or a symbol definition that’s in your project or in a framework, just hit the keyboard shortcut, type a bit of the file or symbol’s name, use Up Arrow ↑ and Down Arrow ↓ to pick to the right result (if need be), and then hit Return ↩ to open the file or navigate to the symbol definition.

On Xcode 4:

  • Command ⌘ Shift ⇧ o

Open Quickly uses the current word as a search term

Also, something I didn’t know about Xcode until two minutes ago (when schwa pointed it out in a comment) is that, if the editor’s text caret is inside of a word when Open Quickly is invoked, that word will be used as the Open Quickly search term.


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