German Schnitzel reminds me of Japanese Tonkatsu

Sunday, Aug 14 – Day 6

We left CCCamp, and I spent the evening and night at C4 (CCCC: Chaos Computer Club Cologne).

Monday, Aug 15 – Day 7

We explored Cologne (German: Koeln), especially the famous cathedral. Cefalon is a superb and enthusiastic tour guide ;)

I helped with cooking a tasty home-made dinner; Cefalon showed me how to properly prepare a crispy German schnitzel with pork, a traditional German/Austrian dish which is not so different from tonkatsu. It was delicious.

Tuesday, Aug 16 – Day 8

Spending a lot of time just working. Will go out for a run now. My computer is perpetually low on disk space.

I’ll update this post with photos and details later on.

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