Château de Versailles

Friday, Aug 19 – Day 11

I took a train from Cologne, Germany to Paris, France. Caleb met me at the train station. I went to Andy’s apartment. Andy is graciously hosting me for the week.

Saturday, Aug 20 – Day 12

Caleb and I went to the Château de Versailles. There were long lines. We bought tickets form the automatic, electronic ticket machine. Caleb received ten 2€ coins in change, quite a handful, but quite useful.

In the afternoon, we visited the white-domed Basilica of the Sacré CÅ“ur, located on the Montmartre. Here’s a photo taken from that spot, looking out on the city:

In the evening, we went to a French brasserie where I had salmon and noodles.

Sunday, Aug 21 – Day 13

Caleb and I went to The American Church in Paris.

In the evening, Andy and I got Chinese take-out from a place right across the street. The egg rolls weren’t very fresh.

Monday, Aug 22 – Day 14

I visited Google Paris with Andy. I met Prakash, who knows some of the Picasa Web Albums team that I worked with: Fern, Ryan, Kevin, etc.

I spent most of the afternoon reading about Apple rumors, webOS, and the mobile app industry.

I ate leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.

Andy, Caleb, and I had dinner at a kebab restaurant across the street. Not bad, but no couscous, despite its appearance on the menu.


Wow. The Ron Paul of 2008 is back.

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  1. I stayed near Sacré CÅ“ur for almost a week – nice place :) I liked Paris in general

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