Random stuff: Adjust viewport

Mozilla: adjust viewport and scale

More cool stuff – this is a tiny fraction of the research I do on a typical day:

Split a string literal across multiple lines

device-width usage suggestions

User-Agent in UIWebView: SO question

change User-Agent in Google Chrome

what’s my user agent?

changing the headers using method swizzling (not recommended)

easily set the User-Agent in a clean, app-wide way (this works well – I verified it)

ugly way to set viewport for UIWebView (I didn’t do it this way)

JavaScript to increase zoom factor

zooming depends on the web page being viewed, not just the properties of your UIWebView!

set innerHTML using JavaScript

NSURLConnection together with UIWebView

modifying UIWebView zoomScale to account for orientation changes

managerial abuse” – didn’t have time to read yet

Gerrit code review: commit-msg hook for Change-Id

Gerrit: register new branches

web apps can (and should) specify apple-touch-icon and more (startup image, status bar appearance) (example)

add to home screen

convert iPhone xib to iPad xib

create singleton with GCD (really easy, and Xcode auto-completes it)

internet connectivity checking – doesn’t quite work right for me

better PDF performance with Quick Look

idea: allow user to customize UIWebView properties, like scaling and viewport – might be handy for users?

programming scrolling of UIScrollView

scrolling/paging code

git reset HEAD <file> to unstage?

vi commands: use / to search

Error launching remote program: failed to get the task for process -> you may be using an Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile. you can’t use this for direct deployments or debugging. use Development Provisioning Profile instead.

iOS png optimization by Xcode

iOS UI guidelines

antialiased edges for UIView: UIViewEdgeAntialiasing (Info.plist)

UIScrollView zoomToRect

How to draw on a non-transformed context while zoomed in a CATiledLayer?

Getting the visible rect of an UIScrollView’s content


optimize CGAffineTransforms – maybe we can get some performance benefit from doing this

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