West Loop Roadtrip – Day 3

After a healthy pizza breakfast, we set out towards our next destination, Salt Lake City. We only made one stop on our 5 hour, 270 mile drive, and I quite enjoyed the (mostly) 80MPH speed limit.

Once we arrived at our hotel, I found myself actually missing the quaint, small town feel of Bryce Canyon City. There, I actually felt more in tune with nature, not only with the canyon amphitheater, but the clear night sky where the stars could shine in the full glory, unhindered by artificial light.

Upon arriving in our more urban-located motel, I was disappointed in the condition of the room.
The curtains were dirty, the faucet leaked, one lamp didn’t work, and one lamp had a missing bulb!

Anyway, Elliot found out about a local event that was taking place, called MakerSpace, where engineers and technology enthusiasts come to hangout and…make stuff. As an aside, MakerSpace shops exist all around the nation and the world.

One project that particularly intrigued me was a 3D printer. A 3D printer creates tangible objects, such as machine parts or mini sculptures, and uses plastic as its “ink”. I would say that this is the closest thing we have to teleporting objects.

Here is the printer in action:

We were also able to view another fellow makespacer’s “museum”, which consisted of a vast collection of computers originating from the 50’s to the early 90’s. He was also kind enough to explain the workings of these machines, as many of them predated my existence.

After having dinner with our new friends, Elliot and I decided to call it a night. Overall it was an interesting and educational experience.

Now, if only I can figure out how to turn on the Wi-Fi on this thing.

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