How to freeze Body Comfort heat packs

I have some clickable heat packs made by a company called Body Comfort. They have two states: a liquid state, when they can be clicked for heat; and a solid state, after they have been used, and need to be boiled in order to be returned to the liquid state.

They can only be frozen when in one of these states. Otherwise, the pack may burst.

According to Body Comfort Customer Service:

To use the heat packs as a cold pack you would not activate the heat pack by flexing the disk prior to placing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

You can use the heat packs as a cold pack by placing in refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes and place on the desired body location. For faster results, store your Body Comfort click and heat packs in the refrigerator for instant use as a cold pack or click and generate instant heat. For colder desire, place in freezer. You will need to boil to regenerate pack after it has been frozen in order to use it as a heat pack.

So I’m going to put my pack into the freezer while it’s still in liquid form, and it has not yet been activated. I hope it works!

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  1. eh says:

    Elliot never came back, so I suppose the heat pack exploded in a nucleated detonation and killed him…

  2. Kathleen Mottl says:

    I have a set of your Body Comfort Heat pack sets. One of my packs has sprung a leak.
    It is 12 inches long by 6 inches wide. I’ve used them a lot to help with a muscle cramp issue that I’ve had. I was told there is a warranty with this product. All of the other packs work perfectly. Thank You, Kathleen Mottl

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