Dalian Trip – Post 10

Here I sit back at Incheon Airport, in Seoul, Korea. Which means I can catchup on my Facebook and Google Plus, and pretty much everything else now that I’m not behind a censored network. =)

Fortunately, I only have a 3 hour layover as opposed to my 8 hour one last time. I sit down in a nearby terminal as I reflect upon my experiences in Dalian, the new culture I was immersed in, and ultimately, the new friendships I’ve made.

The time quickly darts by as I am cropping photos and sending them as farewell emails. Surprisingly, I’m only about 3/4 done! Guess the rest will have to wait until I get back home.

My strategy for minimizing jet lag is to stay up throughout the flight, that way, I’ll be so exhausted that I’ll fall asleep at the “right time”. It kind of worked when I arrived in China, but I kept waking up at 4am…we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning.

As I recalled my experiences in China, I’ll certainly remember my last dinner at this seafood restaurant, where everybody was so very happy to celebrate.

I ordered a sashimi dish that was so fresh, that as the worker scooped out my fish, Neal and I were caught in its splash zone as it flopped around in the net.
Even after it was served, I have to admire its perseverance as somehow, it was still able to twitch and breath despite being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.
It also made a great soup afterwards! Quite an interesting dish, maybe next time, I should try the frogs.

I also want to say thanks to all of my extremely hardworking coworkers, it was great to meet you guys!

Also, thanks to Greg & family, Amos, and Tammy for guiding me on the local culture.

And last but not least, thanks Sam for being a sort-of mentor and making me feel happier by making fun of you.
Will I return? We’ll see where God leads.
Now then, I’m going to go to work on my páigÇ”…sorry, I mean, MÄ›iguó páigÇ” – sorry Sam!

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