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Formerly AdSense Competitors. Alternatives to AdSense, including Chitika ads and eMiniMalls advertising. These programs help web publishers make money, as with Google AdSense.

Why You Should Blog

#### Original Post from 2007 ####

I’ve lately been thinking a lot about how to get more people blogging. I’m really convinced about the benefits [] of blogging, as I’ve said before. But how do you get started, especially with no technical background? There are two great choices for people who don’t want to have to deal with hosting their own blog: WordPress and Blogger.

blogger.pngThis came to mind today because I realized just how much Blogger’s templating and hosting system has improved. Previously, you could have your blog hosted by them on BlogSpot, or host it yourself on your own server. Hosting it on your own server meant that their server has to use FTP to upload the static files. This means constant rebuilding and republishing, and it’s really slow and annoying.

But now they have new options, and they’re all totally free. (This is unlike, which charges some fee for domain hosting.) And I think only Google can truly afford this long-term, because they run the advertising network (AdSense) and they take a cut of everyone’s AdSense earnings to keep the company– including Blogger– running. The new option for hosting which totally changes everything is custom domain hosting. The really great part is that this works with any hosting service you’re using. It works with an unlimited number of blogs, and Google takes care of everything. Just add a CNAME record to your DNS settings (DreamHost supports this perfectly).

It’s a really tough choice. Each has pros and cons, so I’ll list a few here so you can make the right decision for yourself. Continue reading

Get a Free Report

I’ve come across a little marketing idea that seems to be win-win for everyone involved.

Last year, Scott Boulch released a free report and paid people $0.50 each time it was downloaded. Shortly after, Mike Filsaime did something similar. Other Internet marketers are now doing the same thing. What’s great about this is that unknown people can publish something and get a lot of people to look at it. But what’s great about this for us is that we don’t have to buy anything. There’s no obligation to pay a cent.

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